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Teacher.     Coach.     Professional Advisor.

Statement to my students


Your path is unique and should be tailored to your needs, experiences, and goals. Everyone has a level of talent, skill, gift, and with those, a certain potential. I believe through continuing dialogue and engaging you where you are, we can discover not only the immediate steps forward but also your longer term goals can be expanded and fleshed out. I believe it is my responsibility as a teacher to match your pace, inspire, and provide timely feedback, council, encouragement, and when necessary, protection. 


I want to provide a safe, positive, encouraging environment where you can become the greatest version of yourself. Where you can safely push yourself as far as you’re willing, find your best strengths, and most importantly, discover how to negotiate the ever-changing challenges of being a professional singer. 


With 25 years and counting as a professional singer in both North America and Europe, I see the great advantage to having a champion in your corner. I’ve been fortunate to have great teachers, great experiences, and great success. The future of our art depends on others having the same. I want to pass on all that I have learned from my countless experiences, good and bad, on stage.

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