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Der Fliegende Holländer

7 March 2015 

​Conductor - Florian Ludwig

​Director - Roman Hovenbitzer

Theater Hagen

1 October 2015 - Daphne

3 October 2015 - Friedenstag

Conductor - Adam Fischer​

Budapest Radio Orchestra

4 April 2015

Conductor - Florian Ludwig

​Director - Gregor Horres

​Theater Hagen

11 October 2015
Conductor - Zsolt Hamar
​Director -Michael Dijkema
Hessische Staatstheater Wiesbaden

Ric Furman

"Der Anatol ist Richard Furman, auch er gibt in Hagen sein Deutschland-Debut - ein Einstand nach Maß! Sein frischer, durchsetzungsfähiger Tenor ist wie geschaffen für diesen lebenshungrigen, bisweilen völlig rücksichtslosen Mann mit seinem entwaffnendem Charme, der sich nimmt, was immer er will." - NMZ online

"The Anatol is Richard Furman giving his German debut - a debut to measure! His fresh, assertive tenor is ideal for this life, sometimes completely ruthless man with his razzle-dazzle charm who takes whatever he wants."

"Der junge amerikanische Heldentenor Richard Furman gibt mit "Vanessa" in Hagen sein Europa-Debüt, und er hat eine Stimme, die wirklich aufhorchen lässt: groß und mit kostbarer Färbung, sicherer Höhe, verführerisch weich und metallisch raumgreifend zugleich."

- Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

"The young American Heldentenor Richard Furman makes his European debut with "Vanessa" in Hagen, and he has a voice that can really stand up: big and precious color, secure top, seductively soft and room-filling metal at the same time."


"Der junge Amerikaner Richard Furman (Anatol) entzückt von Beginn an mit strahlendem Tenor."​ - Die Deutsche Bühne

"The young American Richard Furman (Anatol) delights from the outset with a radiant tenor. "

"His singing was exceptional, conveying paroxysms of youth, and naiveté." - Northwest Reverb

"Another big voice of beautiful timbre, he also had no difficulty with Florestan’s vocal part, and his acting was the more convincing ..."

                       - The Sun Break

"... with a mellifluous tone ... he demonstrated a much more beguiling sense of dynamic shading, and he was thoroughly compelling in his evocation first of utter despair and eventually of exultant joy." - Seen and Heard International

"... possessed of a powerful voice of exceptional quality. Uncommonly even throughout the range, his voice is also beautiful and expressive of warmth and humanity. Indeed, his first note on Sunday made me sit up and take notice. Despite his slim stature, he seemed to have stamina to spare. With his perfect technique, the extremely demanding role of Florestan was well within his grasp."


"... a big, open top and seamless range" - Ballet Alert

"Ric Furman sang Siegmund’s narrative “Ein Schwert verhiess mir mein Vater” and the iconic “Winterstürme” with galvanizing vocalism and intensity. Good Wagnerian tenors are in short supply and many of us will follow this singer’s career with interest"

                       - Seen and Heard International

"Ric Furman as a clarion-voiced Froh." - Pacific Aisle

"... sweet-toned Froh" - Opera News

"Furman, whose clarion sparkling tenor offered much pleasure. Furman’s opening aria “Questa o Quella” was sung with just the right nuance and with a touch of whimsical insouciance. Furman’s singing of the treacherous “Ella Mi Fu Rapita” with some ravishing grace notes at the finale was impressive indeed!" - Brooklyn Eagle

"... doddering and stuttering with great comic flair, all in a beautiful tenor that one imagines would be eminently employable in romantic roles." - Opera News

"... a strong and believable performance, both physically (nice sword fighting) and vocally" - OperaOnline

"... a strong vocal and dramatic presence" - Tribune-review

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